Not to be confused with Doggy (NPC).

For the skin with the police uniform, see Officer Doggy.

Doggy is a skin in Piggy, he is also one of the two secondary bot antagonists in Forest, the other being Mr. Stitchy during the Halloween event.


He is a brown dog with light brown cheeks and he has red eyes and yellow glowing pupils. He wears a purple shirt / tanktop, and he has a light brown snout with a black nose.

In the remodel update, he will wear an orange shirt.



Holds fire axe with both hands while bending down. Slightly moves up and down while doing so.


Same as idle, but the legs are moving the way Beary's legs move.


Lifts up fire axe, then swings it at the player like how Piggy, Little Brother, Mother, Father, Grandmother, Sheepy, Pandy, Teacher, Memory, Kitty, Angel do it.


  • His jumpscare sounds like Father's jumpscare
  • Doggy is an NPC in Chapter 4, his behavior is very similar to the Alarm Trap and the Laser Gates in Mall, as when you approach him, an alarm symbol appears over your head, similar to the Alarm Trap itself. You are able to die to the bot. To avoid him, all one must do is get away from his scripted path around the map, as Doggy can't follow you around the map, unlike the main bot who can follow you around and doesn't need a 'scripted path'.
  • This is one of the only NPCs that appear along with Piggy in maps, the others being Foxy in Chapter 8, Grandmother in Chapter 9, Mousy in Chapter 10, Soldier in Chapter 11, and Mr. P in Chapter 12.
  • Unlike the NPC in Chapter 4, the Doggy skin has two light yellow eyes instead of one light yellow and one red. This was to prevent trolling, as there are already problems with Grandmother and Soldier trolling.
  • Doggy is one of the few skins to have different color eyes instead of the black ones, others being Angel, Zompiggy, Zizzy, and Pony.
  • In Chapter 12, touching the memory of Infected Doggy will stun you for a few seconds, similar to most traps and the Infected Bunny.
  • He is the first skin to use the boy model.
  • This is the first skin to have triangular ears.
  • Doggy is the one of five skins in Piggy based off Helpful Bot to change their weapon in their skin variant.
  • Doggy might have the quietest soundtrack of all piggies.
  • His weapon can be found here.
  • Doggy is the only character to appear as a secondary bot twice.
  • He drank a potion in forest, as you can see near the bench, so that is why he is infected.
  • He is the first character to not wear jeans. First being Doggy, second being Foxy, third being Tigry. But he wears jeans on his T.S.P uniform, the fourth being Dinopiggy, fifth being Robby and then sixth, Parasee.
  • Out of all the skins without jeans, he is the only member out of the group that has the original Granny jumpscare sound and original kill animation.
  • His shirt / tanktop is purple, just like Tigry, though it's a different type of purple.
  • Out of all of the skins, he's got the quietest theme of them all.
  • His shirt colour change was confirmed by MiniToon on the Guesty & Doggy's Funeral stream.

Piggy ROBLOX "Doggy" Banda sonora. -OST-

"Doggy's" theme.

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